EZ-Trieve Pen


EZ-Trieve Pen


EZ-Trieve is a pen filled with features designed to make your life easier.

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The EZ-Trieve Pen is created to address specific problems faced by older individuals, especially those with dexterity limitations and moderate eyesight issues. It adds several useful features to a standard pen, including:

 - flexible grip area
 - small magnifying glass
 - LED light
 - magnet

Each feature was included with a specific use case in mind. The flexible grip permits use of the pen tip to fish objects out of tight spaces such as a coin return slot. The magnifying glass and LED are combined to help read fine print such as a medicine bottle. The magnet is on the top end of the pen and can be extended up to one inch to assist in retrieving small metal objects such as paper clips, which can be difficult to pick up for people with dexterity limitations.